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formerly known as samutoka

No, I don't have two on the vine.

So just to be all transparent and stuff, here's a rundown of what I'm looking at for art:

BABSCon is a high priority. I've already sent in my vendor application but as any adoring fan knows, I'm not known for being bronyfamous or particularly prolific with pony art. To that end, I need to focus my energy on making MLP:FIM fanart of some kind. My problem is that I don't want to do generic pony art, crossovers, fanfiction, or episode memes. I want to make something that's mine. I need to spend a lot of energy to make something original.

Alongside an original image set, I'm also planning on using BABSCon as a venue for handing out S10 RPG book prints. First I'm going to finish the S10 RPG book, then I'm going to make a free booklet with pony characters using the system, so people can use the system to play pony. That'll be neat, right?

Next to that I've got all the Patreon-related artwork I need to get rolling. That's not just rewards and voting, but also serial artwork like Satyrquest and Twist-n-the-Girls. Under that I've also got to make buttons and banners for tumblr and deviantART.

And I also still have to do commission bundles regularly until my Patreon support reaches a level where I can pay my rent off it. Let's face it, I wouldn't last a minute in the real world.
And speaking of web pages, did I mention I was working on a WordPress site for myself? Registration and hosting is the easy part...

I've got a whiteboard over my bed where I write down all of the individual items I need to tend to. I'm wrestling with what I guess is depression but can't officially call it such because I've never sought help nor been diagnosed for it. So let's just call it being lazy and disaffected, but also daunted at my own ambition.

For now, here's a sketch of what I'm thinking of for original MLP fanart: chibi humans with a mix of magic and adventure. There will be hooves in there somewhere...
Soul Pinkie by moronsonofboron

See you on the other side.

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